Mussoorie is a blend of cooking styles, combining a rich legacy of food dishes comprising of Chinese, Indian, Thai, etc. There are many bistros and cafés offering different cooking styles. There is likewise a ton of nearby street food available in Mussoorie.

Here is a list of some food joints for all the foodies visiting Mussoorie. These food joints offer the best food in Mussoorie.


On the off chance that you are a gathering creature and ‘harmony and calm’ is simply not your thing even while holidaying in the hills, at that point this bar cum restaurant will come as a great choice. Reminiscent of English bars, it is elegantly done up and brings a laid-back climate. You would have the optional choice of drinks, bar treats, and let time pass by.



Cuisines: Indian, Chinese, Thai, Lebanese, Italian, Bar, Mediterranean,



Meals: Lunch, Dinner



Features: Live Music, Seating, Table Service



  • Lovely Omelete Centre


Mussoorie’s most celebrated eatery is additionally its smallest. The Mall that serves what many state are the best omelets in India. The specialty is the cheese omelet, with chilies, onions and flavors, served over toast. On ends of the week, you may need to wait as there is a lot of rush.



Cuisine: Fast Food



Meals: Breakfast, Brunch



Features: Table Service, Seating



  • Char Dukaan


Char Dhukaan is a little place which is close St. Paul’s church in Mussoorie. This spot is called sister’s bazaar. It is located on the way to Lal Tibba in Mussoorie. You can take a stroll to appreciate the magnificence of this area. At first, four shops were set up in succession for coffee and snacks consequently the name. With over a time of serving heavenly food behind them, they have held their unique character. Char Dukan is the coolest home base in the entire of Mussoorie, to such an extent that individuals state that if you haven’t visited Char Dukan, you have really not seen the genuine Mussoorie.



Cuisines: Fast Food



Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner



Features: Nature, Amazing View, 4 Shops serving food



  • Kalsang Friends Corner


It’s a two-story café with a bigger number of tables than it can take. You’ll require genuine muscle to drive your way in. Be that as it may, once in, Kalsang with its red printed backdrop, Tibetan petition banners, Chinese roof lights, and red-formally dressed staff will make you feel warm and invited. They have a thorough 10-page menu that has both Chinese, Tibetan, and Thai strengths – from dim sums to soups to noodles, it’s everything to-bite the dust for.



Cuisine: Thai, Chinese, Tibetan, Asian



Meals: Lunch, Dinner, Brunch



Features: Seating, Table Service, Tibetan Culture, Delivery, Takeout



  • Chic Chocolate, Mall Road


Mussoorie is known for a lot of things and one of them happens to be Chic Chocolate. It’s a flawless café cum bistro with a lot of furnishings and hued tiles. They have an entire segment of home-made chocolates that are accessible to taste and to sell. What else might you be able to attempt: Kit Kat shake, slender pizza, chocolate waffles, nachos, natural product cream, chocolate shakes, dark chocolate. On the off chance that you’re searching for a decent thing to reclaim home, at that point get Sticky Jaw toffees that are darker, soft, rich and out and out delicious. You can also buy their in-house chocolates extending from dark, milk or alcohol chocolates.



Cuisines: European, Fast Food, Indian



Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks



Features: Seating, Home-made Chocolates



  • Tavern

The tavern is an eatery which offers an assortment of delicious food and is situated on the mall road in Mussoorie. The mood is extraordinary offering live music in the restaurant. The pizzas are an unquestionable requirement attempt as is the Red Wine Sizzler, which comes profoundly suggested.



Cuisine: Indian, Italian



Meals: Lunch, Dinner



Features: Live Music, Seating, Table Service



  • Little Llamas Cafe


In the event that you’re searching for a typical hill station bistro, at that point, this spot is for you. Its comfortable climate alongside its combination of drinks and mainland food alternatives, it turns into gastronomic heaven. It has a contemporary fast-food appealing menu which consists of flavorful mutton burgers, delicious pepperoni pizzas, heavenly Berry shakes, and a lot more foodie delights. Its calm housetop with a beautiful perspective on the slopes adds to its unique style.



Cuisine: Italian, Fast Food



Meals: Lunch, Dinner, Brunch



Features: Takeout, Seating, Outdoor Seating, Table service




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